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Atlanta Brewing becomes Red Brick

Without fanfare, big change has been under way at Atlanta Brewing Co.

There’s a new name, Red Brick Brewing. And there are new Red Brick labels.

Red Brick_Beer

There’s also a new direction.

The company has shifted focus outside of Atlanta to markets in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.

“We haven’t put a new sign on the outside of the building, yet,” said Red Brick president Bob Budd during a recent interview. “But we’ve been thinking about this for awhile. It’s about getting our public image in line with our product name.”

Founded in 1993, Atlanta Brewing is the oldest operational small brewery in Georgia. Since the beginning, its beers have been know as Red Brick.

“Having two names has confused people for a long time,” Budd said. “And now that we’ve expanded into six other states, there’s no reason to confuse those people, too. We thought this was a great time to rebrand the company to be the same as the brand of beer.”

Despite Red Brick’s hometown position, Budd admits that Atlanta continues to be a tough place to sell beer.

“We’re hoping to grow the Atlanta market this year,” Budd said. “But this is the most competitive market in the Southeast. Sweetwater has done a great job here and so has Terrapin.”

“Getting out there beyond Atlanta has really helped us. We’re growing considerably in Florida and South Carolina. Surprisingly enough, Alabama is doing well and Mississippi is doing extremely well.”

Last year’s relaunch of Laughing Skull in partnership with the Vortex Bar and Grill has been another unexpected boon to Red Brick sales, Budd said. Longtime brewer Dave McClure created a new recipe, changing Laughing Skull from a Bohemian pilsner to an amber ale.

“Laughing Skull is our number one seller right now,” McClure said. “When we go to new markets, that’s the beer everyone wants.”

Red Brick Brown, Blonde, Pale Ale and Porter are still the heart of the year-round lineup. Red Brick Helles Bock is the current seasonal. And McClure is working on a new series of limited edition barrel-aged beers for select draft accounts, including a spiced summer brew.

Overall, McClure and Budd agree it’s a busy time at the brewery, no matter the name.

“We were within dollars of breaking our all time monthly sales record last month,” Budd said. “I think we’re going to set new record this month, and I think we’re going to have a really strong year.”

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